Moonlight Ramble

Planning for The 2021 Moonlight Ramble is in the works! Stay tuned for updates on the Ride as we plan our return to a physical event for August of 2021.

We are extremely excited for the 56th edition of the Moonlight Ramble, the first to be held virtually that we’ve dubbed the Daylight Edition. We are also proud to name Trailnet as this year’s charity partner. A portion of each registration from this year’s event will go to Trailnet to help them advance their mission to foster healthy, active and vibrant communities where walking, biking and the use of public transit are a way of life.

Registration Includes: 
–  Access to the Moonlight Ramble Century a virtual challenge to ride 100 miles     over a period of days, weeks or months. You choose the time, place and speed.

–  Exclusive access to the Ramble Facebook Group to share your ride and Century.   Share your ride, century progress and other tomfoolery with the fellow Ramblers.

–  Extended Early Bird Pricing for the 2021 Moonlight Ramble – You will receive entry level pricing for the 2021 Moonlight Ramble any time prior to the T-shirt deadline.

While you’re completing registration you’ll have the option to purchase a Glow in the Dark Moonlight Ramble Shirt. We think they’re awesome, you will too.

Ride Swag

Any ride apparel ordered will be mailed to you. We expect to ship the first round of apparel in mid August.

Ride History

The Moonlight Ramble® is the longest running nighttime bike ride in the US and a great source of pride for St. Louis.


The 2020 Moonlight Ramble® proudly benefits Trailnet, whose mission is to make walking and biking better for everyone in St. Louis. Click here for more info.

Leisurely Ride

The Moonlight Ramble® is a leisurely ride to enjoy Saint Louis. It is NOT a race. There are no prizes, awards, places or official times.

Stay Safe

The use of toe clips, cycling shoes, etc., is not recommended. The Moonlight Ramble and its sponsors will not be held responsible for injuries resulting from the use of such equipment.

Ride Length

For the Virtual ride, Ramblers may choose any distance but we suggest choosing a ride length similar to either the short or long route. The typical short ride is roughly 8 miles, while the long ride is in the vicinity of 17 miles. Advance choice is not required and the price is the same for either distance.

Maintain your Bike

Operate a bicycle that is in good mechanical condition and properly equipped for night riding; call your local bicycle shop for information.

Registration is Open for the 2020 Moonlight Ramble® Daylight Edition!