Food Truck Alley

Sarah’s Cake Stop

In July 2010,  St Louis’ Original Cupcake on Wheels was launched, as Sarah’s Cake Stop.  A strong fan base from Sarah’s Cake Shop spawned the idea to emulate other cities and create a new food scene. When we hit the road it took a little patience, but we quickly found our niche. Most importantly, we found our fans and lots of them! A slightly different take on the “if you build it, they will come”, we found “if you bake it (and bring it), they will come.”

Sarah’s Drink Stop

Our family has been in the restaurant, catering, bar, bakery, cafe’, and food truck business for over 35 years now.  The three of us all love to entertain and this truck allows us to provide a special custom service your guest will remember. Sarah’s Drink stop brings you fine wine and craft & domestic beer to where you are!

Wok and Roll

Wayno’s International Cuisine

Our purpose and #1 goal is to bring International Cuisine to our customers on the go. Our niche allows you to step out of your comfort zone and explore your distinctive palate. This, complimented with a vigorous theme surrounding Cheese, hopes to have you running back for more!

We continuously strive to evolve and meet the interests of you, our customers, and introduce new dishes on a regular basis.