Moonlight Ramble® History

The Moonlight Ramble® is the longest running nighttime bike ride in the US and a great source of pride for St. Louis. The ride that began with one rider has grown into an annual tradition with thousands of riders taking to the streets of St. Louis at midnight under the light of the moon.

In October 1964, Dick Leary, a ride leader for the Ozark Area Council of American Youth Hostels (the forerunner of Gateway Council, HI-USA), organized an urban nighttime bicycle ride, starting at midnight at St. Louis Union Station. Unfortunately, no one else showed up, so Dick was the sole participant in the first Moonlight Ramble. He tried again the next year and a few more people showed up. Even more came the following year and by the early 1970s the ride was drawing thousands of participants. Since this was a leisurely ride rather than a race, it had broad appeal. It was known early as the ‘Midnight Ramble’ but has been the ‘Moonlight Ramble’ since the 1970s.

Over the years, the event has started from different locations, at different times, and taken different routes. Some riders came as children and are now bringing their own children to the event. People have come from all over the country to ride. There has even been a few marriage proposals happen at the event!

Many new features have been added since the beginning, including entertainment, vendor village, food souvenirs, and a great family friendly after-party.

The Moonlight Ramble is independently owned and operated and is proud to continue this great St. Louis event