Moonlight Ramble®

The 60th Anniversary Moonlight Ramble has been scheduled for August 17th at 11:00 pm!

2024/08/17 23:00:00

The Moonlight Ramble is the most unique cycling tradition in St. Louis. Grab your bicycle, light it up, and join us under the glow of the full moon for a cycling adventure! 

The annual Moonlight Ramble® is the “World’s Original Nighttime Bike Ride” taking place in St. Louis, Missouri held at night near the full moon in August. Attracting thousands of riders each year, the event includes a leisurely bike ride through the closed streets of St. Louis, a street festival with entertainment, food and drink vendors, a commemorative glow-in-the-dark T-shirt, and an after-ride party with snacks and drinks.

Moonlight Ramble Highlights

Packet Pick-Up

Information on when and where to pick up your race packets can be found here

Ride Rules

Here are some things to know about the event and to help us ensure another safe Moonlight Ramble®!

Ride History

The Moonlight Ramble® is the longest running nighttime bike ride in the US and a great source of pride for St. Louis.


The Moonlight Ramble® proudly benefits Trailnet, whose mission is to make walking and biking better for everyone in St. Louis. Click here for more info.

Post-Ramble Party

The post-ride after-party is on! Look forward to live music and complimentary drinks from our sponsors!

Leisurely Ride

The Moonlight Ramble® is a leisurely ride to enjoy Saint Louis at night, largely free from traffic. It is NOT a race. There are no prizes, awards, places or official times.

Stay Safe

The use of toe clips, cycling shoes, etc., is not recommended. The Moonlight Ramble and its sponsors will not be held responsible for injuries resulting from the use of such equipment.

Ride Length

Riders may choose between a short (7-8 miles) and long (15-16 miles) ride. Advance choice is not required and the price is the same for either distance.

Maintain your Bike

Operate a bicycle that is in good mechanical condition and properly equipped for night riding; call your local bicycle shop for information.

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